You didn't really think we'd give you the keys to the real one, did you?  But we will do the next best thing - and you don't even need a pilot's license.  If you are a real Mitchell fan, this is for you.

All of the photos and videos you have seen in the B-25J Virtual Tour Pages were originally produced to create the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum Simulations - MAAM-SIM - B-25J Mitchell 'Briefing Time' add-on aircraft package for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator.  In fact, thousands of digital photos were taken for the project.

But on this page, every picture you see will be an in-game screen-shot, right off the computer monitor.  Every piece of the plane, inside and out, has been textured using digital photos.  Now you know why we took so many!   MAAM-SIM pioneered this technique we call "Extreme Photo-Realism" , matched it with unparalleled realism if flight modeling, and provided a stunning sound suite recorded aboard the real aircraft.   All of that is easy for us to claim, but we have the 5-Star Reviews and Awards to back that up.

But just click on the thumbnail shots below and judge for yourself...

This is the 3-D Virtual Cockpit of our MAAM-SIM 'Briefing Time'.
You can look around and even move around the cockpit...

 ...step back and down into the Upper Turret Gunner's Compartment...

 ...then slide along the tunnel under the Pilots' Compartment...

 ...and come out into the spectacular view of the Bombardier's Compartment.

   The 2-D views are pretty dramatic, too. 

You can be forgiven if you think you're in the real thing.

   The realism extends to the exterior, as well...

   Every panel, rivet, and wrinkle is there, and she flies as sweetly as the real "BT".

   The instrument panels carry on the realism.
Every gauge and control works just like the real ones.

The CD is chock full of extras, including a bare-metal version of 'Briefing Time',
and even a solid-nose, strafer version of the B-25J, the "Falcon".

 Once you have our package installed in either Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 or 2004, you can download dozens of additional "skins" and other enhancements from our Free Stuff page.   Click the picture montage below to see a video featuring our plane and some of the many other liveries you can download and fly...

click picture to view the video: "Sing, Sing, Sing"

You can see more MAAM-SIM Demo Videos here.

There's much more to show and tell.  So if you want to join in the thrill of flying 'Briefing Time' and her consorts, you can read more about that here.  The whole package sells for just $29.95 including delivery anywhere in the world.  Or save the $4.95 shipping charge and pick up a copy from the Museum Store when you visit the real 'Briefing Time' in Reading.   The simulation was produced entirely by an international team of MAAM volunteers, so every cent goes directly to support the Museum and its ongoing restoration programs.


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