The R4D-6 # 50819 is powered by two Pratt & Whitney R-1830-94, twin-row, 14 cylinder, air-cooled radial engines developing 1350 HP at takeoff and a METO (Maximum Except Takeoff) rating of 1200 HP.  The engines are equipped with two-speed blowers.  


R-1830-94  The engines installed on the R4D-6 are relatively rare for DC-3's, both civilian and military.   The typical engine was the R-1830-92 which had a takeoff horsepower rating of 1200 HP, 150 less than the -94.

LOWER COWLING REMOVED   With the lower cowl removed for maintenance you can get a better view of the engine.

PROPELLERS  The engines are equipped with Hamilton Standard hydromatic, full-feathering  propellers of 11 feet, six inch diameter.

AIR SCOOPS  The extra length "desert scoops" have a larger air filter installed that can be off.  Most R4D's and C-47's that were modified back to DC-3 status after the war for airline use had these filtered scoops removed.  This was done to save weight since the civilian DC-3's were normally not operating in dusty conditions.
DC-3 SCOOP CONFIGURATIONS  Using screenshots of three MAAM-SIM DC-3 models we can compare all three P&W air scoop configurations.  The top picture is the R4D-6 with its "desert scoops".   The second shows the regular filtered scoops, and the third are un-filtered scoops.


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