If you would like to see and learn more about the B-25 Mitchell, and particularly, about the MID ATLANTIC AIR MUSEUM 's fully restored B-25J, 'Briefing Time', then this multi-media compact disc is for you.  It can be run on any PC with a CD-ROM drive using either the default Windows picture and video viewing programs, or with third-party viewers, such as the Real Player and Quicktime Player programs.  (Quicktime or Real Player are highly recommended.)

The CD is crammed with over 700 MB of digital video and photographs, vintage manuals, and an original article on the history of the B-25.  You can order your copy from MAAM for $10 and it will be shipped anywhere in the world for $4.95.  ALL PROCEEDS GO TO SUPPORT THE RESTORATION PROGRAMS OF THE MID-ATLANTIC AIR MUSEUM.

TIP:  Order both the B-25 'Briefing Time' for Flight Simulator and the Multi-Media CD together and save $4.95 in shipping charges over separate orders.  You will receive both CD's for $39.95, shipped anywhere in the world.

Here's what you get for your ten bucks...



Five genuine World War II era publications from the MAAM library are included on the CD.  The pages are clearly scanned as jpegs so you can display them with any graphics program or picture viewer.  These fascinating historical documents are profusely illustrated with pictures, diagrams, and graphs covering all phases of B-25 operations.  They include:

FLIGHT MANUAL - B-25J MEDIUM BOMBARDMENT AIRPLANE,  North American Aviation, Inc.,  22 Jun 44 -  256 pages.  Scan size: 545 x 802

FLIGHT HANDBOOK - B-25J SERIES AIRPLANE,  AAF AN 01-60GE-1, 25 APR 52  -  128 pages.  Scan size: 1270 x 1560

FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR'S MANUAL - B-25, B-26 AIRPLANES,  HQ III Bomber Command memo 50-7,  15 Sep 42   -  11 pages  Scan size: 1194 x 1566

PILOT TRAINING MANUAL FOR THE MITCHELL BOMBER B-25,  AAF Manual No. 50-11,  revised 1 APR 45 - 170 pages.  Scan size: 100 x 1360 
Also included on the FS Package CD, but duplicated here for B-25 buffs who do not fly Flight Sim - yes, there are a few such deprived souls out there.

489th BOMBARDMENT SQUADRON YEARBOOK (the WW-II unit of 'Briefing Time'),  excerpts , 1946  -  15 pages.  Scan size: various


These videos were shot during a number of flights aboard 'Briefing Time' throughout the 2001 and 2002 air show seasons.  Fly along with pilot Russ Strine, copilot Tim O'Hara they attend air shows, buzz the restored Liberty Ship U.S.S. Brown in the Chesapeake Bay, perform a Doolittle Raid re-enactment with other Mitchells, and fly top cover for the 'Liberation of Reading' at MAAM's 12th Annual World War II Weekend.  You'll be "plugged in" for the flight from Reading to Andrews AFB to attend the 2002 Joint Services Air Show, so you can hear all the intercom and ATC radio chatter en route.  You can check out the other planes on the show ramp as BT taxis to her parking spot.  Then take a complete cabin tour of 'BT' in the sweltering, 100 + degree heat of the 2002 Frederick , Maryland air show.

There are more than 40 minutes of digital color and sound video included in MPEG1 format.  Here are some vid-caps from just a few of the videos...







Howard Sodja, a professional writer and private pilot of forty year's experience, has written an illustrated article, A Brief History Of The B-25 "Mitchell" Medium Bomber, covering the development of the plane from its conception, to its use today.  It details all the changes that took place in the design during its six year production run.

B-25B Lower Turret


Here are 500 digital photographs of ever nook and cranny of 'Briefing Time' taken over the last two years in the course of developing the "B-25J 'Briefing Time' Flight Simulator 2002 Add-On Package.  Since 'Briefing Time' is not open to the public during air shows, this is a unique chance for you to see what she looks like inside, from nose to tail.  What the pictures reveal is a very rare bird indeed, one of only three B-25's in existence that are restored inside and out to this level of war-time condition and completeness.  Below is a representative sample in thumbnail form. 

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Only available in CD-ROM form.