"Sugar Blues", a C-47 of the 89th Troop Carrier Squadron in full D-Day markings, will be available soon as a free enhancement for owners of the MAAM-SIM R4D / DC-3 CD package.

No mere repaint, the new MAAM-SIM model of the famous 'Skytrain' features the typical spartan cabin that 'Sugar Blues' used to carry paratroopers of the 101st Airborne 'Screaming Eagles' to their Normandy drop zones...

The bucket seats fold away with a key command so the Gooney Bird can be used as a cargo hauler, and we'll be providing the removable cargo, as well...

The  2D panel, pop-up windows and views have all been adapted to Army olive drab...


Of course the virtual cockpit has been given the OD treatment, too...


4 U was the tactical identification for the 89th Troop Carrier Squadron, 438th Troop Carrier Group, 53rd Troop Carrier Wing.  The 438th TCG was activated and trained at Baer Field, Indiana during June, 1943. 


The group shipped out to the UK in February 1944 and was based at Greenham Common, becoming part of the 9th USAAF. 


The 438th TCG received a Distinguished Unit Citation for dropping paratroopers in Normandy during the D-Day invasion and for towing gliders with reinforcements for the invasion of France.  Later it dropped paratroops during the airborne attack across the Rhine in March 1945, and after VE Day evacuated Allied prisoners of war before returning to the USA in September 1945.


This free MAAM-SIM add-on will not work as a stand-alone, nor will it work with the default DC-3.  So if you are interested in owning and flying the most realistic C-47 sim ever produced, and you do not already have the R4D / DC-3 CD, get your copy now.   You can read about it here, and may purchase it directly from the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum where all sale proceeds go directly to support museum aircraft restoration programs, including the full restoration of the famous R4D #50819, this Fall and Winter. 

Expected Release Date:  May, 2005


Bill Rambow, Jan Visser, Fred Banting, Robert Young, Bill Womack, Howard Sodja, and Mark Beaumont

April 25, 2005