Earlier this week MAAM-SIM announced the release of the 9th Edition of the Douglas R4D/DC-3/C-47 aircraft add-on package for FS2004 and FS2002.  As promised, we are now happy to release a free FSX Basic Compatibility Update to allow owners of this or any past edition of the CD to install and use the FS9 aircraft in Flight Simulator X.  

This update is but the first planned toward full FSX compatibility of our packages.  Rather than further delay the release of our next project, the TBM Avenger, we have taken the decision to release this Basic Compatibility Update #1 to address the most vital issues, and postpone fixes for other aspects with later patches.

This initial update primarily addresses some of the more vital issues in the aircraft and panel configuration files, and the gauge set.

The update will also install the thumbnail pictures required by the FSX Select Aircraft Menu.

Finishing the TBM, which scheduled for release on June 1 at MAAM's World War II Weekend, our priority right now.  But once we have that under control, we'll work on other updates to address some of the remaining compatibility issues, including flight dynamics and some cosmetic issues.  Some of these known issues are discussed in this update's included documents.

The update includes illustrated installation instructions, which we highly recommend you use!


Download the 7.8 MB FSX Update #1 from the file library, or directly from the MAAM-SIM FREE STUFF PAGE

If you don't own this classic aircraft packag3, you can only obtain the up-to-date edition of the MAAM-SIM R4D / DC-3 / C-47 CD directly from the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum's On-Line Store or by mail or phone order from the museum Either way, the price is $30 and will be shipped via airmail anywhere in the world for $4.95.

Read more about the MAAM-SIM Douglas R4D / DC-3 / C-47 CD here.

While you are at the On-Line Store, take a look at the savings on multi-disc deals that include our MAAM-SIM B-25J 'Briefing Time' CD's.  We even have a very limited number of MS FS2004 'Century of Flight' at a close-out sale price of $19.49.   As always, 100% of sale proceeds go directly to the restoration programs of the museum.


Bill Rambow, Jan Visser, Fred Banting, Robert Young, Howard Sodja, Mark Beaumont, and Michael Davis

February 15, 2007