updated Dec. 22, 2005

Screenshots, AKA "screenies" in the FS community, are in-game screen captures.  In effect, they are "snapshots" of a computer display at a given moment in time.  A screenshot will portray, in the form of a still picture, exactly what you saw in Flight Simulator at that moment you hit the Print Screen key on your keyboard.  Throughout the MAAM-SIM pages you will find screenies produced by the team developers to show the attributes of our aircraft and scenery products.  But on this page you will find only screenshots taken by our customers, flying our planes.

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Gunnar van der Meeren (aka skyhawk) Bergen, Norway - Nov. 10, 2005

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Gunnar van der Meeren (aka skyhawk)
, Bergen, Norway - Nov. 23, 2005
formation pilots; Bodoe,
TAG, Geir, Espen, Einar, and Bengt

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Oren Geva,
Kfar Saba, Israel - Nov. 27, 2005

24           25           26
Glenn Baker
- Nov. 27, 2005

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             33              34   

Tim Scharnhop, Hamburg, Germany - Nov. 28, 2005

35          36
Dan Vercammen, Antwerp, Belgium - Nov. 28, 2005

Dewey Parker,
Georgetown, Texas - Nov. 28, 2005

Ken Glaze
, San Diego, California - Nov. 29, 2005

41          40            39
Gunnar van der Meeren, Bergen, Norway - Nov. 29, 2005
formation pilot Ernie

oop Sodenkamp, Holland - Nov 30, 2005

Jesse Callahan,  Brookeland, Texas - Dec. 2, 2005

44              45
Joe Mercurio,
Beverly, Massachusetts - Dec. 4, 2005

46              47 
Aaron Honey, Los Alamos, New Mexico - Dec. 5, 2005

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          52          53          54

Ernst Furuhatt (aka Ernie), Bodoe, Norway - Dec. 6, 2005

55              56             57
Dominique Klein, Israel - Dec 11, 2005

58          59          60          61          62

63          64          65          66          67
Rip Lichliter, Redlands, California. - Dec. 14, 2005

68          69          70          71          72
Clifford F. Lord,
Powder Springs, Georgia - Dec. 15, 2005

73          74           75        76         77

78            79            80        81        82
T.D. McCarvel, Kalispell, Montana - Dec. 18, 2005

Max Johnson,
Heysham, England - Dec. 19, 2005

84          85
David Wood,
Jacksonville, Florida - Dec. 19, 2005

86          87          88
Bart Logan, West Rutland, Vermont - Dec. 20, 2005

Cliff Lord, Powder Springs, Georgia - Dec. 21, 2005



This page will be updated frequently as new shots are submitted, and quarterly contests will be held to select the best screenshot.  Prizes will be MAAM-SIM CD's.  Already have them all?  Rather that a duplicate, we'll give you a gift certificate for a future MAAM-SIM product, if you wish.  Here is all the info...


1.  All screenies posted to this page will automatically be entered for the contest.  You may submit either a link to your shot(s) if they are already posted on your own or some other webpage, or the shots themselves, if the attachment is kept under 5MB.  All attachments are scanned for virus and will be automatically deleted by our anti-virus program if they are infected.   Submit screenies or links to: and write MAAM-SIM Screenies in the subject line of your e-mail.  Please include your name and hometown in the e-mail - we like to accent the international flavor of FS.

2.  To be considered for inclusion on this page screenies must feature a MAAM-SIM aircraft, including repaints. Other planes can appear in your shot, of course, but our plane should be the main subject of the composition.

3.  Submissions must be the work and intellectual property of the entrant.  As long as you took the shot, it's yours.  By submitting it to MAAM-SIM you are permitting us to use the screenshot on this page and other MAAM-SIM documents.  If your shot is used by us we will attribute it to you in the webpage or document.  Other than this, submitted screenshots remain your property and may be posted elsewhere at your discretion.  In fact, spread them far and wide.  We love the publicity!

4.  Please make no alteration, editing, or manipulation of the shot, other than resizing or cropping (see next rule).  Aside from admiring and rewarding your flying and artistic eye, we want to show visitors to this page, some of whom are not familiar with FS or screenshots, exactly how great the planes and FS can look on their own home computers without any "cosmetic surgery".

5.  As is the case with other MAAM-SIM pages, this one is designed to work best for screen resolutions of 1024x768 or higher.  So, to properly display on this page without those nasty little slider bars appearing at the bottom, please limit the size of your screenies to a width of no more than 1024 pixels.   Note: If you use the "resample" rather than "resize" option of your graphics program to reduce the picture size you will get a better result with minimal picture quality degradation.  Instead, or in addition to resizing, you may crop the screenie to the desired size or to remove toolbars, window frames, or FS message tags such as brakes, stall, etc.

6.  You may submit an "essay" of multiple shots, but to keep page loading reasonable, we ask that you keep the number of shots to no more than 10 per submission.  The quality of the shot, rather than the number of shots, is most important.  We may exercise our editorial prerogatives and display only some of an essayist's screenies.

7.  The display life if the screenies will be at the discretion of the webmaster.  We'll try to keep the site dynamic and not too gargantuan.  Of course, Contest Winners and Honorable Mention shots will be kept.

8. Quarterly contests will close at 0001 GMT with the change of seasons.   That would be Dec 21 for the Autumn contest, Mar 21 for the Winter, June 21 for Spring, and September 21 for Summer.   Your screenshots need not adhere to the seasons, and we realize this is all backwards for our friends south of the equator, so please forgive our colloquial seasonal assignments.

9.  If you are a contest winner, you will be notified by e-mail and asked to provide a choice of prize CDs and a mailing address to receive it.  If you do not reside in the U.S. the prize CD will be declared on the Postal Customs Declaration as a gift with a value of $2, which is the approximate cost of the CDR and label materials, rather than the normal sale price of the item.  That should take care of Customs, but if not, you are responsible for any duty on the item.

10.  Members of the MAAM-SIM team are ineligible for the contest.  However, we invite members of the BTBT, our hard-working beta testers, (who of course get all the products free anyway) to submit screenies for Honorable Mention consideration.

11.  As with just about every other contest you have seen or heard about, we reserve the right to change these rules at any time as we see fit.  Good luck!