The Mid Atlantic Air Museum was organized to ensure the professional stewardship of a collection
that reflects the history of aviation and to enhance the public's appreciation and understanding of     
that history.  The Museum's collection emphasizes the Mid-Atlantic region's unique contribution to
flight,but is broad enough to chronicle a general history of aviation, including military aviation.

The Museum's collections are accounted and cared for according to established museum practices.
Historically accurate aircraft restoration and limited demonstration flying are special missions undertaken by the Museum.

Interpretation of the collection is broad, with artifacts being exhibited in a context
that reflects not only the history of the object itself, but also the evolution of
technology and the cultural environment in which it was used.
Public programs encourage participation by a diverse audience
through imaginative, entertaining, as well as educational
exhibits, lectures, demonstrations, and special events.
The Museum is proud of its role as aspecialty
history museum serving the Mid-Atlantic
region and the nation.


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The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum is a Pennsylvania Corporation, incorporated December, 1980.  The Museum is a U.S. Internal Revenue Service recognized Sec. 501 (c)(3) Not-For-Profit Educational Organization, and is registered with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations. Under such exemption, all or a portion of your monetary donation, or the value of a donated item, may be tax-deductible in accordance with current IRS guidelines.