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             UPDATED AUGUST 25, 2018



12 oxygen tanks go in tail booms. Elevator epoxy chromated and in first steps of fabric covering

Fabric hold down strips for elevator shown under construction. Flapper doors go on baffles inside fuel tanks.

Misc. pieces of fuel tanks shown here removed for new fabrication. New wing spoilers.

P-61 elevator Fuel Drain Profile

Wing skins drilled and dimpled ready for installation Cardboard fuel tank pattern

RH Main Tank closed Rectangular inspection cover

RH Nacelle Tank open LH Nacelle Tank Bare

Liquidometer Ring Rectangular Inspection Plate Profile

Boost Pump Profile Circular Inspection Plate Profile

RH Main Tank open


We would like to thank the many followers and donors of our P-61 for their requests for more progress photographs.  We happily post new photos as there is new material to show you, but posting photos of electrical wiring or drilled holes in metal or rivets becomes repetitious, especially when the new photos look like others already posted.  So, to keep you updated, we will explain where we are with the restoration.

1.  Our wing spars are still outsourced to the machine shop and are not completed yet - thus no new spar photos.

2. During 2017 several donors stepped forward which has enabled us to order four new brake assemblies ($20,000), order two diamond tread 47s.c. tires ($7,500), overhaul all of the pilot instruments ($10,000), and overhaul all four of the submersible boost pumps ($5,800).  All of the above items are now in-house except the four brake assemblies which are expected in the 2nd quarter of 2018.

3.  Another donor has provided the necessary funds to send one of the R2800-65 engines to Anderson Aeromotive for an overhaul ($85,000).  The second engine will follow as funding becomes available.

4.  The task of making pattern templates for the four fuel bladders is in progress.  The two inboard tank patterns have been completed and test fitted.  The initial patterns for the two outboard tanks will begin in January 2018.

5.  Wiring harnesses continue to be built and installed in the airframe.

6.  A materials list is being put together to begin building the control cables for the engines and airframe.  We expect to order materials for this part of the project in the 1st quarter of 2018.

Work continues on the P-61 on a daily basis.  We assure you the project continues to move forward.  I urge you to please be patient and allow us to continue with the various aspects of this spectacular aircraft restoration and we promise to post additional photos as opportunities for new material become available.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.







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