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The RH wing disassembly begins RH wing of the P-61 being disassembled.

The trailing edge and outboard spoilers (inboard spoiler removed). View of the aft side of the inboard spoiler.

Volunteer cleaning 40 years worth of debris out of the oil tank and oil cooler bays Inboard spoiler section removed. Spoilers are .250 thick magnesium alloy plate.

Cleaning out the oil tank bay with the self sealing oil tank removed. Workman is drilling off the last outboard skin panel on the wing's top side.

The spoilers, inboard in foreground, outboard sections still in wing in backround. The small 22 gallon self sealing oil tank shown here after being removed.

RH Nose Landing Gear Door. Completed and Ready for Installation The leading edge and damage from hitting multiple Ironwood trees

Lots of progress in just two weeks. The entire trailing edge section has been removed as well as the top center wing skins.