After receiving their initial pilot instruction in primary training aircraft like the Fairchild PT-19, Boeing Stearman and Naval Aircraft Factory N3N, many aviation cadets during the Second World War continued their training by transitioning into the Vultee "Valiant" basic trainer for their aerobatic and instrument training.

Unlike the primary trainer, this aircraft, designated BT-13 for the Army and SNV for the Navy, featured an electric starter, variable pitch propeller, radios, and increased instrumentation. 

The improved performance enabled young pilots to prepare themselves for the advanced trainers, such as the AT-6/SNJ, and then their ultimate goal, Corsairs, Mustangs, Mitchells, and Flying Fortresses.

Originally designated the Valiant, the aircraft became much better known as the "Vultee Vibrator" because of its pronounced shaking during some aerobatic maneuvers.

The Museum's Valiant, which was donated in 1984, was built as a BT-13A in 1942 and was stationed throughout the war at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.

Our Valiant has been restored as a Navy SNV in the colors of a typical Naval training unit.


Engines:  Pratt and Whitney R-95-AN1 radial engine of 450 HP

Wing Span:  42 Feet, 2 Inches

Length: 28 Feet, 8 Inches

Height:  7 Feet, 6 Inches

Normal Cruising Speed:  140 MPH

Normal Crew: 2 Pilots

Armament: None

Range: 500 Miles


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