Below are some quotes from on-line reviews of MAAM-SIM products.  To read the entire review, click on its title link.


FLIGHTSIM.COM  - Dr. Andrew Herd reviews the TBF/TBM "Avenger"


"The visual model is well up to the standard of MAAM-Sim's other ventures, which means that you ain't gonna see much better."

"Just about all the systems the real Avenger had have been modeled, right down to the hydraulics system..."

"...it really is possible to fly the plane using the repro POH supplied with the documentation."

"The sound set?  Well, you are gonna have to hear it, because you will buy this.  C'mon, you know you will..."

"MAAM-Sim really have done it again, this is a classic in the mold of R4D and Briefing Time and if FS2004 deserves a swan-song, this surely must be it."

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AVSIM Online -  Maury Pratt reviews 'Briefing Time'   

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avgold.gif (12425 bytes)

"Every now and then you get the chance to install a package that can only be described as a 'labor of love.'  If there ever was one, Briefing Time is it."

"One of the best replicas of a vintage warplane we've ever seen."

"An outstanding feature of this panel is its near 100% accuracy in appearance to the real thing."

"Complementing that is the great job they've done with the Virtual Cockpit views (not only from the flight deck, but at the various crew stations as well)."

"...this plane is easy to fly, the engine sounds are convincing, and its handling qualities feel realistic."

"Whether or not you're a fan of WWII planes, this one is a must have for its "blow you away" authenticity, excellence in execution, and all-around fun."

"At $25 USD, plus $4.95 shipping anywhere in the world, this package is an outstanding bargain - and it all goes to support MAAM aircraft restoration projects."


What I Like About MAAM Simulations' Briefing Time
  • Incredibly comprehensive documentation
  • Video-based flight instruction
  • Exquisitely detailed views of the plane's internal structure
  • Exceptionally complete panels and crew stations, both in 2D and Virtual Cockpit modes
  • Great ambience with the convincing engine and instrument sounds
  • "Aircraft Complexity" options to conserve system resources for improved frame rates
  • Sale proceeds are contributed to MAAM aircraft restoration projects


What I Don't Like About MAAM Simulations' Briefing Time
  • Nothing at all


FLIGHTSIM.COM  - Dr. Andrew Herd reviews 'Briefing Time'


"Visually, it is one of the most impressive packages it has ever been my privilege to review."

"All the instruments look believable and like R4D, it is one of the few sims I have seen which makes me forget that I am not staring at a computer screen."

"Looking at the panels that are supplied with Briefing Time does make me wonder how it is that other developers get away with charging similar prices for substandard graphics."

"This is where I am going to have to eat my words about VCs, because the coding in this area leaves the other VCs I have seen in the dust."

"The sound set was recorded from Briefing Time itself, so it is about as genuine a set of noises as you are likely to hear in FS..."

"They don't really do add-ons any better than this, and even if you don't like warbirds, the package is such good fun you will almost certainly enjoy it.  And besides, instead of putting money straight into a developer's pocket, you will be helping keep an important piece of aviation history in the air."


SIM-OUTHOUSE - Evin Mulron reviews 'Briefing Time'  - part 1

"It reeks of quality and of being a labor of love."

"The Model. How many ways can one say "fantastic?"

"Panels. I wonder if superb is a good replacement for "fantastic?"

"The Virtual Cockpit. I've used "fantastic" and "superb" already, but I think absolutely-fantastic is appropriate here."

"The Flight Model. this plane is fun and easy to fly in FS. It subjectively feels right."

"Simply put: get it ...yesterday! Even if you're not a warbird buff."

SIM-OUTHOUSE  - Evin Mulron reviews 'Briefing Time'  and the B-25J Multi-Media CD- part 2

"I highly recommend the full meal deal..." (Briefing Time FS and Multi-Media Combo)

"After flying Briefing Time a bit more..."Incredible" and "fantastic" are understatements."


DIGITAL FLIGHT - Tony Gondola reviews 'Briefing Time'

"...the panels are pretty near perfect in replicating what you would find in the real aircraft."

"As good and varied as the 2D views are, very little effort was spared with the 3D panel...the design team have really gone the extra mile in this area."

"...one of the sweetest set of twin engine sounds I've ever heard...The first time you open the throttles, be ready to smile."

"The overall detailing and texturing of the 3D model is excellent."

"...flying this airplane delivers a sense of satisfaction that is rare among simulated aircraft today."


AVIONIC - Philness reviews the R4D / DC-3

"The VC -Thatís the cream of the crop; I canít stop walking around so much I have the fidgets.'

"...the modelers even searched vintage data from Douglas Engineers in order to produce as much realism as possible for this wonderful aircraft."

"Sounds are varied, depending on the action taken, and speaking of engines, the modelers went all the way."

"The price tag for this wonder is $30 plus $4.95 for worldwide shipping."

"So, this is well spent money and I guarantee this airplane is for hardcore fan like me and Iím very happy with it."

Here is a translation of the full review, courtesy of Francois Mavel.

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AVSIM Online -  Steve "Bear" Cartwright reviews the R4D / DC-3

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"...the documentation included with the MAAM-SIM DC-3 is among the best Iíve ever seen for a FS aircraft yet."

"Each version or livery of the DC-3 has external texturing that is second to none for its realistic appearance, which has been a trademark of the MAAM-SIM aircraft."

"The MAAM-SIM DC-3 is simply better than anything comparable..."

"The MAAM-SIM group has perfected the art of external texturing to the upper limit of what is possible for Flight Simulator..."

"The panels from the MAAM-SIM group are their finest achievement..."

"...extraordinary talent at virtual cockpit design..."

"...as complete a (2D) panel as you could possibly hope for and the MAAM-SIM group has hit a homerun, in my opinion, at reaching the upper limits of realism and authenticity..."

"...the airfile for the MAAM-SIM R4D-6/DC-3 to be about as good as anything that Rob has ever done."

"...the aircraft flies exactly as I expected, and considering my past experience with Rob Young designed airfiles, I wasnít surprised."

"...the MAAM-SIM R4D-6/DC-3 includes custom sounds, sounds I personally found to be really terrific..."

"...the included scenery package for the Reading Regional-Spaatz airport...is very accurate and very realistic..."

"The MAAM-SIM groupís R4D-6/DC-3 for FS2004 is unique in several ways, from every aspect of their product, whether it be the documentation, the included aircraft liveries, the truly outstanding virtual cockpits, the flight modeling, or the numerous other features..."

What I Like About the MAAM-SIM DC-3
  • Each of the 4 aircraft included depict authentic real world versions of the Douglas DC-3 or R4D-6 models.
  • The scenery add-on of the Reading Regional (Spaatz) airport along with a landclass file for the surrounding area is a really nice touch.
  • Availability of the freeware amphibious C-47 is a real plus (downloadable from the AVSIM library).
  • Among the best packaged documentation Iíve ever encountered for a FS aircraft.
  • Inclusion of the authentic flight operations manual from the 1940s was much appreciated.
  • Probably has the most realistic virtual cockpit yet, whether that be a freeware or payware aircraft (the crossbar for DVC design has been pushed almost out of sight).
  • The interactive check list is nice.
  • I like the fact you can either just jump in and go or you can choose to follow the entire start-up procedure from a cold cockpit.
  • The special effects of the massive amount of smoke during start-up, the fire from the exhaust (visible day or night), or the little Easter-egg of oil dripping onto the tarmac when the engines are off, each of which add to the authenticity of this package.
  • The sights, sounds, and feel of this FS aircraft in flight, combine to offer one of the most immersive FS experiences Iíve had to date.
  • The condition that all your purchase costs go toward the restoration of several worthy projects at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum is a big plus and this alone is as good a reason for buying this package as any.
What I Don't Like About the MAAM-SIM DC-3
ē Absolutely nothing comes to mind as to any suggestions for improving the MAAM-SIM DC-3/R4D-6, nor can I imagine anyone else finding fault with any aspect of this FS aircraft package.

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AVSIM Online -  Steve "Bear" Cartwright announces the

AVSIM Freeware Gold Award for KRDG/MAAM Scenery

"Bill Womack, Kenneth Weik, Charles Dayhuff, and Tony Fosler provided a wonderful Christmas gift for us all (uploaded on Christmas Eve) with their beautiful rendition of MAAM (Mid-Atlantic Air Museum) and the Reading, PA airport. Having attended the AVSIM conference held there last year, I found this scenery package to be as close to the real thing as anyone could hope for! With photorealistic buildings, opening hanger doors, AI traffic, Landclass file for the whole surrounding area, and a number of Easter eggs for everyoneís enjoyment, all in all making this is a must have file. Also included is a PDF file that provides an 8 page history of MAAM and the Reading Airport. Like all the files Iíve listed here, this scenery add-on file obviously took some time to put together and the efforts of these gentlemen should not be over-looked!"



simFlight.de - Holger Kistermann reviews the R4D / DC-3

"The MAAM DC-3 has taken a place in my heart, the flair - the breath of nostalgia and the need to stroke the old lady over her polished aluminum skin..."

"The MAAM-Sim R4D/DC-3 is a very good add-on which is one you will pull out of your virtual hangar again and again."

"Everything here is balanced between perfection and performance."

"The virtual cockpit surely belongs to the best currently available."


Here is a translation of the full review, courtesy of  Christian JŁrgens


FLIGHTSIM.COM  - Dr. Andrew Herd awards the Gold Armchair Aviator Award to the R4D/DC-3/C-47
November 2005

"Every copy helps keep the Mid Atlantic Air Museum's R4D in the air and it is one of the best simulations around of any airplane, period - so the MAAM-sim disk gets a long overdue Armchair Aviator Gold award."

Editor's Note:  Dr. Herd, long a loyal MAAM-SIM supporter, conferred his personal top award on our plane in the course of authoring a stirring article entitled  "Great Aviators: Flying the Hump".   The much appreciated award aside, we heartily recommend this wonderfully evocative piece of literature. 



Below are some quotes from  printed periodical reviews of MAAM-SIM products.  To download a PDF scan of an entire review, click on its title link.  

All reviews are copyright of the publishers and have been reproduced with their written permission.

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PC PILOT MAGAZINE -  Joe Lavery reviews 'Briefing Time'
No. 22 May/June 2003

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5planesBT.gif (135609 bytes)


"Quite simply, it's an absolute masterpiece of 3D modeling, with an outstanding panel design and photorealistic texturing which is superb."

"At the present time there is simply no better example of an FS aircraft than this."

"It came as no surprise that the B-25 is a pleasure to fly..."

"It's the outstanding visual fidelity of this aircraft that makes it so special, but the package as a whole is flawlessly produced in every respect..."

"Right now this is the state-of-the-art example of what is possible for FS2002 - a labour of love which, quite honestly, you just can't fail to fall in love with."

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PC PILOT MAGAZINE -  Tony Radmilovich reviews the R4D / DC-3
No. 30 Sept/Oct 2004

pcpilotclassic.gif (17344 bytes)

5_planesR4D.gif (137696 bytes)

"FS2004's default DC-3 model is a worthy try, but hardly in the same league as the MAAM-SIM version..."

"The audio side of the package matches the visual in terms of quality and the superb stereo sound files capture the impressive sound of the DC-3 and further enhance the realism factor."

"...the magnificent 2D panel is so functional and well designed that we were happy to spend our flying time there."

"Step inside the VC and you'll instinctively reach for your seatbelt."

"...you'll be able to enjoy the accuracy of Robert Young's flight dynamics; it'll come as no surprise that the MAAM-SIM model will fly pretty much to the numbers."

"MAAM-SIM's model is designed to be as realistic as possible within the confines of Flight Simulator..."

"...this comprehensive new package is sure to be welcomed with open arms by the many dedicated fans of Douglas's enduring and beautiful design."

"The extras included with the package really do add value and are ample enough to have even non-simming DC-3 enthusiasts reaching in their pockets."

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MICRO SIMULATEUR  MAGAZINE -   Alain Apers reviews 'Briefing Time'
Issue 111, April 2003

"You are nearing perfection.   This aircraft, for sure, sets the standard"

"In the VC, every visible facet and the smallest detail is totally textured, and the group of added equipment is Grand Art."

"The flight model is, without any doubt, excellent."

"This product is a must have, and the price tag is quite reasonable!"

For those of your who, like me, do not parle pas francais, here is a translation of the full review, courtesy of Francois Mavel.

aeroplanecover.gif (23065 bytes)

AEROPLANE MONTHLY MAGAZINE - Derek Davis reviews 'Briefing Time'
October 2004

"...the real gem is the simulation itself.  This is flawlessly detailed in both visual and operational terms."

"The remarkable level of detail in the cockpit and internal renderings is second to none, and is the next best thing to actually taking the left-hand seat of one of World War Two's most successful aircraft."

"The sense of satisfaction at successfully completing an engine start-up, culminating in the equally authentic-sounding roar of the engines as they burst into life, is immense."

"Briefing Time is without a doubt one of the finest add-ons ever produced for Flight Simulator..."

pilotcover.jpg (8924 bytes)

PILOT MAGAZINE - Andrew Herd reviews R4D / DC-3 and 'Briefing Time'
October 2004

"Although there are plenty of other warbirds available as add-ons, very few approach the quality of the MAAM-SIM planes."

"The (R4D) panel is quite simply a work of art, with faultless graphics and beautifully programmed instruments that look so real you want to reach out and touch them."

"The graphics are excellent, the bare metal and gunship versions being particularly pleasing, but once again, the B-25 really shines when you load the cockpit."

"These are my favourite flight simulation add-ons for many years and the money they have generated has gone a long way towards supporting the real aircraft on which they are modeled."


COMPUTER PILOT MAGAZINE - David Owens reviews 'Briefing Time'
October 2004

"...a one-of-a-kind release."

"...some of the sharpest working gauges I have come across within  flight simulation."

"...hearing that right engine burst into life with its throaty metallic sounds mixed with the familiar rattle in the radial engines certainly gives it a realistic edge."

"The MAAM group have some of the best flight simulation designers onboard..."

"If you're like me and looking for a piece of nostalgic aviation history to own then this software package will be right for you, and if you're not, "Briefing Time" is still an amazing aircraft to consider placing in your virtual hangar."


PILOT MAGAZINE - Andrew Herd reviews the R4D / DC-3 / C-47
October 200

"A brilliant sim of an outstanding plane"

"...I cannot think of another simulation which conveys the spirit of the aircraft so well..."

"...an almost perfectly balanced combination of panel, plane, sound set and flight model."

"...one of the most realistic FS2004 panels I have set eyes on..."

"The crowning glory of the panel is a fully-working simulation of the Jack and Heintz A-3A autopilot...so well programmed it is virtually worth the price of the simulation on its own."