MAAM-SIM, the all-volunteer team from five different nations, consisting of Bill Rambow, Jan Visser, Fred Banting, Robert Young, Howard Sodja, Mark Beaumont, Rob Cappers, Hans-Joerg Naegele, Tim Scharnhop, and Todd Disrud is an official arm of the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum.  


This international team produces award-winning add-on products for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator ™, faithfully replicating real aircraft of the museum's collection.

MAAM-SIM has carried Microsoft's FS motto, "As real as it gets", to new levels of fidelity in aircraft appearance, sound, operation, and flight characteristics, consistently winning awards and rave reviews from both on-line and print media.  

"Extreme Photo-Realism"
is what the team calls its technique of modeling the interior and exterior textures, panels, and gauges from hundreds of digital photos detailing every nook and cranny of the real aircraft. 

Flight models are engineered to be as close to the real thing as possible in flight sim, so they can be flown "by the book" using actual flight manuals.  Throughout the development process, it is validated by MAAM President Russ Strine and other MAAM pilots. 

Because the team has unlimited access to the MAAM aircraft collection, both on the ground and in the air, MAAM-SIM add-ons set the standard for realistic flight simulator aircraft.

Read what reviewers have to say about MAAM-SIM aircraft realism by clicking HERE.

CD packages include extensively illustrated, interactive html User's Manuals to guide you through every phase of set-up and operation.   Adobe PDF versions of the manuals are also available for those who want a printed version.   Our manuals are anything but dry reading.  We think you will find them not only very informative, but even entertaining.

See a sample User's Manual page by clicking HERE.

Each CD includes a scanned genuine, vintage pilot's manual for the aircraft that can be used to operate the sim "by the book". 

Look at a sample Pilot's Manual page by clicking HERE.

Full checklists derived from the actual aircraft checklists are provided for every phase of flight operations.   In FS2004, which uses html script for checklists, they are interactive.  You can actually check off items as they are completed. 

The new R4D/DC-3 package has gone even further, providing a choice of both Standard and Tutorial Checklists, as well as a choice of fonts and the ability to print them directly from within FS2004. 

Extensively researched Kneeboard Reference Pages derived from actual flight manuals provide yet another resource that will enable you to fly the aircraft "by the book".

Examine a sample Tutorial Checklist page by clicking HERE.

Take a look at a sample Kneeboard Reference Page by clicking

MAAM-SIM Aircraft Add-On Packages pioneered the use of Instructional Videos filmed aboard the modeled aircraft to supplement the User's Manual.  In these videos, covering every phase of operation, MAAM President Russ Strine explains how things are done in the real aircraft. 

Because the MAAM-SIM aircraft have been designed to operate exactly "to the book numbers", you can use these same procedures to operate the simulation.  

Watch a sample instructional video by clicking HERE.

For another $10, you can buy a Multi-Media CD that contains additional manuals, videos, photographs and other materials about the aircraft.   Microsoft Flight Simulator is not required to use and enjoy the MM CD's, either.  

Currently, a Multi-Media CD for the B-25J Mitchell is available.  You can purchase it separately, or save a shipping charge by ordering the Briefing Time Combo Pack which includes the 'Briefing Time' Flight Sim CD. 

View a sample compilation of the B-25J M-M videos by clicking HERE.

Learn more about the B-25J M-M CD by clicking HERE.

Additional aircraft liveries and models are periodically made available, free, for owners of MAAM-SIM CD's.  To date, these have included such add-ons as a complete KRDG / MAAM scenery of the entire Reading Regional Airport, a solid-nose gunship version of the B-25, a bare-metal livery for 'Briefing Time', and dozens of other B-25 liveries.  

The rare XC-47C amphibian model of the DC-3 has been released and is already spawning repaints.  Planned free additions for the R4D / DC-3 CD include a Wright Cyclone powered version, a paratrooper C-47, scores of liveries, and a ski-equipped version, among others.  

You will find many of these by following the "Free Stuff"  link, below.  We also suggest you search the file libraries at your favorite flight sim websites for recent, new offerings. 

To see and download free enhancements, click HERE.

The team has a five year history of support for its customers that is unsurpassed.   If you need help or information, there are several channels open to you, as well - more than any other team offers:

An active MAAM-SIM Support Forum, hosted by our friends at AVSIM Online, is the primary  means by which tech support is delivered.  There you can get answers from the MAAM-SIM design team, members of the "BTBT", (Briefing Time Beta Team) and experienced user's of MAAM-SIM products.  E-mail and private message support is available at the forum, as well.  

You can call or fax the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum Store at (610) 372-7333 with questions about your order. 

You can write us or order by mail at:

11 Museum Drive,
Reading, Pennsylvania

You can contact the design team by e-mail at

Best of all, you can visit the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum at Reading Regional Airport, Pennsylvania.  There you can pick up your copy of a MAAM-SIM CD from the Museum Shop, then take the tour, walk into the hangar, or out on to the ramp and see the real aircraft from which it was modeled.   Where else can you do that?  

You can even meet the designers and try the products at MAAM's Annual World War II Weekend, held each year on the first weekend in June.

Updates, upgrades, patches, and enhancements are issued as free downloads, then incorporated in subsequent editions of MAAM-SIM CD's.

To take a look at what's going on in the MAAM-SIM Support Forum, click HERE.

MAAM-SIM, "The R4D Team", originated the concept of an all-volunteer flight sim design team that sells their creations solely to raise money for a non-profit air museum.   Now, MAAM is the first air museum with its own in-house flight-sim development team. 

We are beginning to see our success spawn imitators, and are proud that our idea has spread to other organizations around the world, helping to restore and maintain other historically important aircraft. 

When you purchase MAAM-SIM products, every penny of the sale proceeds goes directly to help fund the museum's restoration projects.

See an example of where your money will be going by clicking HERE.


Bill Rambow - Webmaster