MAAM-SIM is pleased to announce that the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum is now delivering a new edition of their award-winning Douglas R4D/DC-3/C-47
aircraft add-on package for FS2004 and FS2002. 
**(Soon to be updated for FSX)

From it's birth in 1999, MAAM-SIM, then known as "The R4D Team", has provided numerous free enhancements for download by it's customers.  These have included not only different liveries, but complete new aircraft models, genuine pilot's and technical manuals, repaint kits, panel and gauge options and upgrades, original scenery, and more.

It has always been the policy of MAAM-SIM to include patches, upgrades, and selected enhancements on our CD's by means of new editions.   Unlike other FS add-on companies, Mid-Atlantic Air Museum Simulations develops, produces, burns, sells, and ships their own CD's.  Because every bit of the process is performed by unpaid museum volunteer members, costs are kept to a minimum and donations to the aircraft restoration fund are maximized.   But a side benefit is that the team can constantly upgrade the products.  When CD stocks run low at the museum, we just crank up the burner and make some more.  So taking a little extra time to update the CD is not impossible, as it would be with other producers.

The original CD included MAAM's own #50819, a U.S. Naval Air Transport Service R4D-6, powered by 1350 hp P&W 1830-94 engines, purchasers of the CD will also receive two new civil DC-3's.  Both are equipped with 1830-92's of 1200 HP and have their own flight models and instruments appropriate to the power plants.  Each also has it's own, distinctive model and virtual cabin.  


When we added the rare and little-known XC-47C Amphibian to the hangar as a free add-on for R4D CD owners, it appeared on the next edition of the CD.

The next edition added a civilian version of the big amphibian, the only one still flying at that time, but now gone forever...

We added Bill Womack's KRDG Reading/MAAM Scenery in another edition...


Several editions and upgrades later, the 8th Edition CD included the D-Day C-47 'Skytrain' and Dakota Mk III Expansion Pack...

Read more about the Douglas R4D / DC-3 / C-47 CD here.

For this new, 9th Edition CD, we have added our most recent Enhancement Package, the "All Theaters" C-47 Expansion Pack With VC Upgrade.


This six-plane release features aircraft that served in the European, Southwest Pacific, China-Burma-India, and Mediterranean Theaters of World War II, as well as the fresh-from-the-assembly line, gleaming bare-metal 'delivery model', shown first above.

The other aircraft in the pack are:

Douglas C-47A A65-34 VH-CUF of 36 Squadron, RAAF  provided transport and logistical support to the war effort in the SW Pacific, particularly in Papua New Guinea, which saw heavy action.

Douglas C-47A-40-DL 42-24046, c/n 9908, 320th TS / 27 TG,  USAAF,  was based at Warton Lancashire in 1944.  Her checkered nacelles identify her as a lead aircraft in her formation, allowed to operate REBECCA equipment.

Douglas C-47 Mk.C-3 Dakota ZA947, as currently flown by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, wearing the livery of 267 ‘Pegasus’ Squadron.  This Dakota flew in the Transport, Trooping and Re-supply roles in the Middle East and the Mediterranean Theaters.

Douglas C-47B No. 60 of the China National Aviation Corporation.  Shortly before America's entry into the Pacific war, CNAC pioneered the famous routes over the Himalaya Mountains (the Hump) between India and China.

Douglas C-47B-5-DK 43-48734 of 319th TS, 1st Air Commando Group, 10th USAAF which was based at Hailakaudi, India, 1945, for operations over "The Hump" to China.

But this release is more than just a half-dozen new gooney birds.  The long-awaited Virtual Cockpit Upgrade is also installed in each aircraft.   Many controls are now operable in the VC for the first time, including all the throttle, prop, and mixture levers; aileron and rudder trim cranks; elevator trim wheel; carb heat controls; tail-wheel lock; parking brake; flap levers, landing gear lock and levers; cowl flap controls; light switches, magnetos, starting switches, fuel tank selectors, and more.  Be sure to read the document in the zip for all the details.

The redesign does not stop at the cockpit, either.  Take a look at the new Radio Operator's Compartment, and Navigator's Station...


All this new "office space" is occupied by a pair of animated pilots, appropriately uniformed for their service and theater.  These guys will delight you with their lifelike movements and you may find yourself wondering what they are talking about as they interact with each other... 



Finally, we have added an old friend, the Danish Dakota Friends C-47 OY-BPB...

This lovely lady by our Jan Visser has been available as a free enhancement for a long time and is the basis for a number of great repaints, but we never got around to adding her to the CD, until now.

So, that makes the final tally 16 different and unique aircraft models - not just repaints- on this CD.   Plus you get our MAAM Reading Regional Airport KRDG Scenery, multi-media user's manuals, vintage pilots manual reprints, and instructional videos.

Don't see your favorite DC-3 livery here?  Check out the FREE STUFF PAGES where you will find more than 175 free repaints and other enhancements for our DC-3s and C-47s.

You can only obtain this new edition of the MAAM-SIM R4D / DC-3 / C-47 CD directly from the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum's On-Line Store or by mail or phone order from the museum Either way, the price is $30 and will be shipped via airmail anywhere in the world for $4.95.  

While you are at the On-Line Store, take a look at the savings on multi-disc deals that include our MAAM-SIM B-25J 'Briefing Time' CD's.  We even have a very limited number of MS FS2004 'Century of Flight' at a close-out sale price of $19.49.   As always, all sale proceeds go directly to the restoration programs of the museum.

*NEWS FLASH!   We will be issuing a free upgrade patch for FSX very soon!  In fact, it's passing final beta testing right now.   This patch will update all 16 of the planes in this new 9th Edition CD, so you will be able to install directly from the CD into FSX.  Then all you have to do is download and run the patch (it will be about 8MB), and fly all the 'Gooney Birds' in the new sim.  Get yours now!


Bill Rambow, Jan Visser, Fred Banting, Robert Young, Howard Sodja, Mark Beaumont, and Michael Davis

February 11, 2007