The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum's most recent warbird acquisition is also MAAM-SIM's newest add-on aircraft for Flight Simulator 2004, now under construction...

...she's MAAM's Grumman TBM-3 "Avenger", built by Eastern Aircraft, a Division of General Motors.

The all-volunteer team of FS developers consisting of Bill Rambow, Jan Visser, Rob Young, Fred Banting, Bill Womack, Howard Sodja, and Mark Beaumont, will be following up their award-winning R4D / DC-3 and B-25J 'Briefing Time'  packages with the famous Grumman designed torpedo bomber as an expansion for Flight Simulator 2004 "A Century of Flight'.  Both of the previous MAAM-SIM packages have garnered awards and numerous rave reviews, on-line and in print, and the team is shooting for the hat trick with the "Turkey", as the big blue beast was affectionately known by her WWII crews. 

Like the R4D and B-25, the Avenger add-on aircraft will faithfully reproduce the museum's actual plane using MAAM-SIM's trademark "extreme photo-realism".  She will feature a completely interactive 3-D virtual cockpit as well, also textured from digital photographs. The TBM's mighty Wright Cyclone R-2600 engine and cockpit environment sound suite will be recorded live, and there will be a complete set of instructional videos shot in flight and on the ground.   The package will feature a number of liveries from different squadrons and nations, too.  As with the Briefing Time and R4D packages, there will be future free models of other Avenger variants and enhancements issued for MAAM-SIM TBM owners.  But as they say in those late night info-mercials, but wait -- that's not all!...

MAAM's Avenger was restored and donated to MAAM by Jack Kosko, who was a TBM radio operator with torpedo squadron VT-23 aboard the USS Langley (CVL-27) fighting with Task Force 38 during the closing months of World War II.   To honor Jack and his fellow Langley Sailors and Marines, MAAM-SIM will produce our 'turkey's roost', the 'Light Carrier' USS Langley as part of this package, too.  She and her sister Independence class CVL's were built on light cruiser hulls to help fill the gap in carrier strength.   Former President George H.W. Bush flew a TBM-3 from the San Jacinto, CVL-30, a sister-ship of the Langley.   Purchasers of the MAAM-SIM TBM package will be able to try their hands at launching and landing the largest carrier-based aircraft of WWII on one of the smallest flight decks from which her heroic crews operated.

If all this isn't enough to persuade you to part with some of your hard-earned cash, remember that every cent of the sale proceeds goes to support the restoration programs of the non-profit Mid-Atlantic Air Museum

To learn a lot more about 'Project TBM', the Avenger, and the USS Langley, and to keep abreast of the development progress, check out the newly expanded MAAM-SIM News page.  The team has posted a number of developmental screenshots, many fascinating contemporary and vintage photos, and much more.


FEB 25, 2005