The MID-ATLANTIC AIR MUSEUM is located at the historic Reading Regional Airport - Spaatz Field, in beautiful Berks County of south-eastern Pennsylvania. 

The museum is within easy driving distance of the entire mid-Atlantic region, including the New York City metro area and the Washington, D.C. national capital area.

Warning  to users of MapQuest and other computer mapping programs: MAAM is located on Museum Drive at the Reading Regional Airport, not Museum Road on the other side of Reading! The latter, which is nowhere near the Museum's location, is what MapQuest will invariably locate. It obviously knows nothing of our Museum Drive.  So unless you want to spend your time touring the Reading suburbs and hinterlands rather than looking at our wonderful exhibits, read on..

We have pulled a flanking movement on MapQuest by entering the final intersection where you turn into the museum as the destination. If you want to do that by hand, just type in 1054 Arnold Rd, Reading PA 19605. (This is also the address you should enter in your GPS, if you are so-equipped.) But we have saved you the trouble and all you need do is click on this map...



Above is the map from To get customized driving directions to the museum from where you are, click on the map above. This will take you to Map Quest on the web and the address for the museum intersection has already been entered as the destination. Simply fill in the "Starting Address" section and push the Get Directions button. Now you can print out the map and customized driving directions directly from Map Quest.


Here are quick directions from several metropolitan areas. Mileages and travel times are computed from city centers by Delorme Street Atlas.  Click on the City or Point of Origin to get the directions.  You can then print them out by right-clicking and selecting print from the menu, or just by hitting your browser's Print button...

From Lancaster From Harrisburg From York
From Wilmington From Philadelphia From Wilkes-Barre / Scranton
From Baltimore From New York City and Northern NJ From Washington, D.C.
From Pittsburgh From the westbound PA Turnpike From the eastbound PA Turnpike

ALTERNATE ROUTE FROM THE SOUTH  If are you approaching MAAM from the south, particularly from the Baltimore-Washington area, we can recommend an Alternate Route From the South.

Now we'll show you some detailed maps. To print any of the maps, right-click on it and select Print Picture from the menu that appears (Internet Explorer) or select Save Image, then right-click on the saved image (Firefox).  We'll start far out to get you oriented, then closer in...

OK, maybe not quite that far out!   But just in case you were coming in from another planet...  Anyway, it gave us a chance to show off the our mini-MAAM logo - 14x10 pixels.





Finally, here is one showing the final turns to the museum...


Whether you approach from North (green) or South (orange) on US Rte. 222, or  East (red) or  West (purple) on PA Rte. 183, Bernville Rd, everybody turns North at the traffic light at Van Reed Road (blue)

Note: If you are exiting off US Rte. 222, get into the left turn lane of Rte. 183 immediately, as you will be turning at the first light, very close to the exit ramp.  At this intersection you'll see a MAAM billboard on the corner pointing the way...
If you are on Rte 183 South, having come from US 222 or beyond, you'll see this...  

If you are coming up Rte 183 North from Reading, you'll see this...  

Take the turn as directed by the arrow and you'll have just 1.1 mile to go to the museum.  You should see blue, Pennsylvania Tourism signs along the way to help guide you. 

MID-ATLANTIC AIR MUSEUM'S WORLD WAR II WEEKEND DIRECTIONS  If you are visiting to attend the big show, as soon as you turn onto Van Reed Road you will see volunteer Traffic Marshals who will direct you to the temporary show parking lots.  Please follow their directions and the free Shuttle Buses will deliver you directly to the gate.

But if you are visiting during quieter, less hectic times...

Turn right at the first intersection, Arnold Road.  You will soon see the blue roof and MAAM logo on the main museum hangar, ahead on the right.

When you reach the stop sign at the intersection with Gen. Spaatz Drive (formerly Stimson Road), turn right.

At the top of the hill you will turn into the museum parking lot on your left, marked by this sign ...

You are now on Museum Drive.


If all else fails and you do get lost, feel free to give us a call at (610) 372-7333 between 9:30 AM and 4:00 PM and we'll guide you in...


To receive assistance from some good folks who really know the area, we invite you to contact our friends at the Greater Reading Convention and Visitors Bureau.  They will be most happy to assist you with directions, a visitors guide, hotel information, and map basic information.   The visitor's center phone number is 610-375-4085 or 1-800-443-6610.  Or you can e-mail them at  If you want WWII Weekend information, please specify that.