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Our "Wants and Needs" list

The aircraft, engines, and parts listed here are sought by the Museum in order to preserve a unique part of America's aviation history.  We greatly appreciate any assistance in locating and acquiring the items listed below.


  • for Vickers Viscount

Rolls Royce Dart R.D.A. MK 510 engine

  • for North American B-25

    Bendix tail turret
    100 lb bomb casings, 500 lb bomb fins


  • for Republic F-84B Thunderjet

Allison J-35 Turbojet Engine and wing tip tanks for F-84B-G (will consider any condition).

Wing tip drop fuel tanks

  • for 1929 Elias Aircoupe

Anzani 6 cylinder radial engine
(aka Brownback Tiger)

  • for Fairchild PT-23

        Fairchild PT-19/23/26 wings

  • for Bellanca Cruisair

        Aeromatic F200 Propeller



  • #610 Kinner prop hub for wood propeller
  • Curtiss-Reed Model 55501 propeller
  • CRV23254  ARB radio control unit

  • C-54/ARC1 radio control unit

  • AN/APX-2 radio control unit

  • AN/N-6 gun cameras

  • USN G.S.A.P. gun cameras

  • any APS-4 radar unit components

  • USN 50/58 gallon drop tanks ( 2 )

  • MK 4D life raft

  • Gibson Girl radio + components

  • .50 cal ammo belts - links - dummy rounds

  • .30 cal ammo belts - links - dummy rounds

  • AN5A/APS-4 indicator amplifier

  • C131/AR Yardney spot tuner

  • C48/ARC-5 radio control box ( 3 )

  • J17/ARC 5 radio junction box

  • Kilgore Aircraft parachute flare installation components including R3M-1 flare switch panel



    Aeronca E113

    Allison J-35a

    Anzani 6 cylinder

    Arrow conversion Ford V8

    Brownback Tiger C400

    Continental A-40 W670

    General Electric J47-GE-27

    Heath B4

    Kinner K5 R-55

    Lenape Papoose

    Lycoming R680


Aeronca 7AC, LCA, C3

Bell 47, P 39, P 63

Bellanca 14-9, 14-12, or 14-19, CH-300

Champion Lancer

Chance Vought/Goodyear F4U, FG-1D or F2G Corsair

Colonial Skimmer

Curtiss - Wright  C46 Commando

Eastern Aircraft AF-2 Guardian, Eastern FM-2 Wildcat

Fleet Model 7 or 16

Fairchild 22, 24, 45, C-123 Provider, F27 Friendship or FH227; any missiles, A-10 Thunderbolt II

Franklin Sport

Grumman G 44 Widgeon, Goose, Mallard, Albatross
Hatz CB-1

Kaman Huskie

Kreider-Reisner KR-21, KR-34

Luscombe 8A

Martin AM-1 Mauler, any missile, PBM Mariner, B-57B Canberra

Meyers "OTW"

Navion D16A Twin Navion, Rangemaster

Piper J4, J5, PA-l1, PA-12 Super Cruiser, PA-18, PA-23-150 or 160 Apache, PA-24-180-250 Commanche, PA-25 Pawnee, PA-35 Navajo, PA-38 Tomahawk

Pitcairn: Any model

Republic P47 Thunderbolt, F 105 Thunderchief

Ryan SC, PT-22/ST3KR

Sikorsky H-5, H-19

Stinson SM-8, SR9, SR10, 108-3

Taylor E2 Cub

Umbaugh 18/Air and Space 18A Autogiro


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