Some Screaming Swing


Like the Program and Tee-Shirt, the Annual WW II Weekend Poster is a sure-fire future collector's item.   Although the poster is primarily produced as pre-show advertising, there are usually a limited number left over and offered for sale to the public.  If there are any left-over posters, you can buy one for a WW II Weekend Show Special price of just $5 at the Museum PX Store tent on the ramp.  After the show, any remaining posters will be sold for $10 in the Museum Gift Shop.

These 24x18 inch posters, listing the show's features, special guests, and sponsors, are produced primarily to advertise the show.  They are distributed to businesses and organizations each year in the weeks leading up to WW II Weekend.  Leftover stocks are sold during the show at the MAAM PX Tent on the ramp.  So if you want one for your den, family room, garage, workshop, or just to put away as a collector's item, scramble like a fighter pilot to the blue-topped MAAM PX marquee on the ramp and get yours while the limited supply lasts.  Posters will not be sold in advance of the show.

WW II Weekend Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities