30th Annual World War II Weekend
June 4-5-6, 2021


Play this song to hear what we want to see at the show!      ...and this one to hear what we don't want!

Following is a sampling of the many, unforgettable experiences that await you at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum's World War II Weekend.  Prepare to step back into 1944...

Days and times of WWII Weekend events are printed below in magenta

Unless otherwise specified, events and features  generally take place from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm on all three days
Links to additional information on events and features are printed in white and underlined.

For a complete schedule of events, and much more, pick up a copy of  "WAR NEWS" , the program of WWII Weekend, at the entry gates and the MAAM PX Tent on the ramp.



Gates open at 8:30* each day for the nation's largest and best historic commemoration of the life and times of America's "Greatest Generation"..

* The public will not be admitted before 8:30 AM

Friday and Saturday shows end at 10:00 PM, after the Hangar Dances. The Sunday show ends promptly at 5:00 so that clean-up can get underway.

Friday is "A-Day" - Arrival Day.  Aircraft not already on the field will be arriving throughout the day and all of the planes booking rides will also be in full swing on Friday.

2:00 until 4:00, there will be a WWII Aircraft  Demonstration in the sky over the airfield. For the best view, make your way through the Pacific Theater encampment and cross the closed-to-aircraft Taxiway Golf to the roped-off show line. See the (Show Map.)



From 8:30 to 4:30 all three days, you can meet, speak with, and collect autographs from our many WWII Veteran Special Guests in the Main Hangar.*

*In some cases an autograph fee may be charged by the Special Guest.

Hear the veterans' fascinating, first-person accounts, presented daily on stage and in the briefing tent.

The Special Guest speakers' schedules will be posted at each speaking venue.



The Oral History Van of the American Wartime Museum of Nokesville, Virginia will be on site to conduct interviews with veterans.  A copy of the interview will be provided to the Library of Congress Veterans History Project, and participating veterans will be given a copy for their families at no cost.

Again this year the WW2 History Archive staffers will be manning a booth in the hangar, carrying out their mission: to focus on the preservation of the experiences of WW2 Veterans through oral history interviews.

More than 1,700 WWII military and civilian re-enactors and dozens of combat and support units, representing many nations, will be all around you.

See up to 200 military vehicles, from motorcycles to Jeeps to tanks - the biggest gathering in the country.

This year, two Sherman tanks slated for Frank Buck's new WWII American Experience Museum, now under construction in Gettysburg Pa. will be on display at Reading.

Hear the thunder of tanks and artillery pieces being fired.

Experience battles and skirmishes between the French Resistance, Allied and German troops around the battle-scarred French Village.

Reconnoiter the seven sprawling encampments and experience what life was like for the "G.I. Joe's", "Tommies", "Diggers", "Ivans", "Jerries", and other Allied and Axis soldiers in the field.  You can visit the Pacific and European theaters,  U.S. Navy, Marine, and Army encampments, as well as those of the British Commonwealth forces, German Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe, among others.

On Friday, Martha MacCallum, the Anchor/Executive Editor of The Story with Martha MacCallum (weekdays 3PM/ET) for Fox News, will attend to promote and sell her new book, "Unknown Valor: A Story of Family, Courage, and Sacrifice from Pearl Harbor to Iwo Jima".

Visit the Base Club near the Home Front where you can enjoy coffee and donuts in the morning, or sip a Coke while listening to the fabulous vocal styling of Theresa Eaman.  Our favorite songstress has been performing at MAAM's World War II Weekend longer than any other entertainer. You can catch her act throughout the day, not only at the Club, but also on the ramp Outside Stage, and perhaps even from the bed of a "deuce-and-a-half" truck!  So keep an eye and ear out for this talented lady.

Retired USMC Colonel and accomplished singer Frank Cubillo presents "Frank Sings Frank".  His repertoire includes over 180 Sinatra hits, so get ready to hear your favorite from "Old Blue Eyes".

Once again,"America's Sweethearts" will sing and swing some tunes of the time.  Be sure to catch them at the Base Club stage at the Home Front, or right here for a YouTube preview. 

The Forecast Quartet men's a cappella barbershop quartet, members of the Mid-Atlantic District of the Barbershop Harmony Society, consists of Mike, Tyler, Travis, and Kevin.  Be sure to catch their four-part harmonies at various entertainment stages around the field throughout the weekend.

On both Saturday and Sunday at 11:30, enjoy the latest fashions of 1944 for all ages, modeled on the Officers' Club Stage.

Stroll along "Main Street" and step back to 1944 in the Home Front area.  There's a lot to see and hear. Vintage movies are screened at the Victory Theater while the aroma of freshly popped popcorn awakens your olfactory senses.  You may walk into a circa 1940s home; just don’t let that screen door slam, sonny!  Watch the gas station attendants service cars at the cottage style Gulf gas station.  Listen to the Lone Ranger and other “live” vintage radio shows at station WRDG.  Witness the Civil Defense Air Raid warden write out citations for failure to use blackout curtains.  A beauty shop stylist will provide ladies with the latest hair fashions.  Admire beautifully restored vintage cars.

Also, at the Home Front, join the audience for a live radio broadcast drama by S.O.A.P., the "Spirit of the Airways Players" at the recreated studio of station "WRDG".  You may even catch Bob Hope's USO show.

Specific performance times will be posted on a board outside the studio, throughout the weekend.

A representative of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs will be on hand at the show to assist veterans and answer their questions regarding VA services and programs.  If you are a U.S. Armed Forces veteran and have not yet done so, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to take advantage of the VA benefits that you have earned.

On Friday evening, at 5:00, while the Main Hangar is cleared out for the upcoming big band performance, enjoy the Friday evening ham dinner.

Then on Saturday at 5:00, before the dance you can enjoy the chicken BBQ dinner.

*Separate, Advance tickets are required for evening meals.  Meal tickets will  NOT be available at the show.

Included with any WWII Weekend admission ticket, you can enjoy the fabulous ‘40’s Big Band concerts and dances on both Friday & Saturday evening, from 7:00 to 10:00 closing time.
On Friday you'll swing to the
"Let's Dance" big band, appearing as Artie Shaw's USN Big Band. 

Then on Saturday, it will be the Glenn Miller, USAAF style
"Swing Fever" band that will set your feet to tapping.

Click here for information on Evening Admission Tickets to attend the dance and/or evening meals, only.

On Friday and Saturday from 7:00 to 10:00, you'll find expert swing dancers and tyros alike dancing in the Main Hangar . Don't be surprised if the swinging sounds make you feel like cutting a rug, yourself! 


In the Pacific Theater, on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, you'll witness Marines in combat with the stubborn Imperial Japanese defenders...



...and thrill to the recreation of the iconic flag-raising on Mt. Suribachi by the USMC Living History Detachment from Parris Island, SC.  For the best view of this battle, just walk around the back of the vintage Gulf Gas Station in the Home Front, then cross Taxiway Delta where the T-6 Texans are parked. 

Keep your head down!  On Saturday and Sunday at 2:40, American infantry and armor attack the Wehrmacht across open ground beyond the show line.



Watch military vehicles and military re-enactor units pass in review on Saturday at 11:00 and Sunday at 11:30.

Examine the collections and displays of authentic weapons and gear close-up in the seven encampments. 

ATTENTION: Some re-enactor/owners will allow you to handle some equipment, but please, always ask permission before touching anything.

Keep your eye on the sky - you never know when an air raid is going to catch you out in the open...


 ...and be on the lookout for those sneaky snipers!

It's not just the troops on the front lines who you'll encounter.  A lot of guys and gals were "in the rear with the gear" doing the unsung but vital jobs that kept the attack rolling and the troops fed, equipped, and healthy.

Explore the ruined, but still vibrant French Village.   Achtung!  You are in German territory!

Everywhere you look there is living history before your eyes.  Feel free to ask questions.  Re-enactors are well versed on the details of their roles, and experts on their equipment.  They will be pleased to share their knowledge and passion, and willing to pose for your camera.

Visit many authentic “Home Front” displays, including air raid wardens, a recreated '40's house, a period hair salon, a cottage-style gas station, a vintage candy shop, and vintage cars.  See how young men all across the country signed up for the Navy on December 8, 1941 at the U.S. Navy Recruiting Station.  Blow a real locomotive steam whistle and signal the engineer with hand signals, all while learning how trains helped win the war.

See dozens of beautifully restored WWII aircraft: observation planes, trainers, utility planes, transports, fighters, & bombers.

On Saturday and Sunday, from 12:30 to 4:45, many of these wonderful pieces of aviation history will fly during the afternoon airshows.

Scheduled Attending Aircraft Roster

WWII Weekend is far more than just an airshow.  There is even more taking place on the ground.  So for all those times when you aren't squinting up at the wild blue yonder you'll be hearing the "Voice of World War II Weekend".   That's "Tech Sgt Ted" Schwartz, who'll be keeping you informed, educated, and headed in all the right directions, throughout the day.

But you need not just watch the aerial action.  A once in a lifetime experience awaits you aboard the mighty Boeing B-29 Superfortress "FIFI".  You can join her crew for a flight on the supreme heavy bomber of the war, one of a squadron of several different aircraft selling rides throughout the show...

You can take a nostalgic, bucket-list ride on the legendary Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress "Yankee Lady" of the Yankee Air Force.

 You can also fly aboard the beautiful North American B-25J Mitchell, "Panchito".  Flown by all the armed services, and made famous by Jimmy Doolittle's Tokyo Raid, the Mitchell served in every theater and earned it's nickname, "Sweetheart of the Forces".

Joining the WWII Weekend Warbird Ride Squadron this year is the CAF Capital Wing's Grumman TBM Avenger "Doris Mae". Choose your crew position; either the Observer, directly aft of the pilot, or the Turret Gunner.

"Scratch one flat-top!"  Climb into the gunner's seat of the rare Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless "Lady in Blue" dive bomber, hero of the Pacific War at sea.

Want to make like a fighter pilot?  Take the ultimate wild horse ride - fly on the incomparable North American P-51D Mustang, "Red Nose", then brag to all your buddies.

The rare Curtiss TP-40N Warhawk "American Dream" will grace the skies over Reading.  What makes this particular Warhawk super rare? It's that T in her designation. The "American Dream" is the only operational dual-control P-40 flying in the world, and if you sign up for this warbird, it won't be for just a ride - you will be doing a lot of the flying!  If that is your American Dream, follow the link above.

You can ride like a paratrooper in the Yankee Air Museum's beautiful Douglas C-47 Skytrain "Hairless Joe".  Strap into a seat in one of the paratrooper benches aboard this legendary transport and listen-up for the jumpmaster's commands.

For something a bit more sporty, fly aboard one of MAAM's fleet of training aircraft.  You can choose the primary trainer, the open-cockpit Fairchild PT-19 Cornell.


You will also have a chance to go aboard and tour some of these same aircraft, and other airshow attendees, such as the Berlin Airlift Foundation's Douglas C-54E Skymaster "Spirit of Freedom" with an airborne museum in its cabin that containng exhibits documenting the heroic, lifesaving Berlin Airlift of 1946 in which this very airplane participated.

Also here from the Berlin Airlift Foundation is the fabulous Boeing C-97 Stratofreighter. You can tour this aerial behemoth from cockpit to tail ramp - just don't get run over by General MacArthur's jeep!

There will be nominal charges for some of these tours, supporting the upkeep and restoration of these wonderful aircraft.  Refer to the Airshow Roster Page to see which planes offer tours.

Hear Delmas P. Wood as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt  deliver the stirring "Day of Infamy" declaration of war speech at the evening hangar dance which begins at 7:00 on Saturday



As you explore the encampments and the show ramp, you may well encounter some high-rankng "brass" among the military re-enactors.  US Army Generals Douglas MacArthur, George Patton, and Joseph Stilwell will be in the area.  The Navy will be represented by Admirals Chester Nimitz, William Halsey, and Raymond Spruance as well as a young Lieutenant JG named John F. Kennedy. A new addition this year will be ADM Lord Louis Mountbatten, Royal Navy.


MAAM's ultra rare P-61B "Black Widow" will once again be out on the ramp under her own tent, so be sure to stop by and see the progress that's been made since last year on the restoration of this amazing aircraft and chat with the team. 

While you are there, why not buy some Black Widow apparel, and other souvenirs to support the cause. 

You can pick up a copy of the beautiful and fascinating book, Forgotten Window, or just drop some cash in the P-61 Donation Jar to help us make the MAAM P-61B the only Black Widow in the air.


Shop the extensive militaria flea market – 120 plus vendors make this one of the nation's largest.

The Main MAAM Hangar, in addition to being the most imposing feature on the show grounds, and therefore a popular rendezvous, is chock full of fascinating educational displays of memorabilia, military equipment, models, art, books and much more.

A variety of food vendors are on hand at the show to slake your thirst and satisfy your appetite. You will find outdoor food courts on the MAAM Ramp near the Main Gate,  outside the Main Hangar doors, and on Taxiway Hotel near the Flea Market.

                                                 *click on the map...

If you hunger for something a little more GI - and we don't mean gastro-intestinal - check out the CAP Mess for breakfast. It's run by, and benefits the local Civil Air Patrol chapter. The chow is just like your old mess sergeant used to make, except without the powdered eggs and all the other reconstituted stuff, and you don't get stuck with KP!

The mess tent is hidden away behind the Home Front T-Hangar, so we'll point the way to the chow line...

                                                 *click on the map...

Are your dogs tired?  Take a load off at one of our shade tents.  You may also bring along your own lawn chairs.

                                                 *click on the map...

We can't draft you, but we can try to recruit you!  Take advantage of a show discount and become a member of the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum.  Next year you can get a free one-day WWII Weekend ticket, or even volunteer to work at the show, if you wish.

Need some quick cash?  We've got you covered - just stand under the awning and punch in your PIN.  There is one ATM at the Home Front near the Base Club and another near the Main Gate on the MAAM Ramp.

                                                 *click on the map...

At 9:00 AM on Sunday you may attend the battlefield chapel service conducted by the Regimental Chaplain on the hood of his jeep. This takes place in the Sunday Church Area located across Taxiway Golf, near the Aircraft Rides Tent at the right end of the airshow line.  (See the Show Map.)

A Field Mass is held on Saturday at 5:00 PM at the 28th Infantry Division Chaplain's tent beyond the Militaria Flea Market. 

                                                  *click on the map...

*  The show map details on this page were all excerpted from a past WWII Weekend Map.  Re-enactor unit designations and locations in the encampments and aircraft parking areas have been omitted eliminated for clarity. For a complete and up-to-date WWII Weekend Show Map for this year's show with all these items included , click here.

There is much, much more to show and tell about World War II Weekend.  Explore the rest of the WWII Weekend Web and then order your advance tickets, because we can promise you one thing:  you'll have an unforgettable experience as you go back in time with us to learn about, and from, the brave men and women who lived it.

Gates open each day at 8:30 AM.  The Public will not be admitted before that time.